Individual Tax return – Checklist

Individual Tax return – Checklist

Tax File Number and Occupation details (Must Provide)

Occupation Detail (Must Provide)

Postal Address, Mobile no, Email ID and Date of Birth (Must Provide)


IncomeDeductions (Common for all)
PAYG Payment Summaries
Employer termination payment (ETP)
Details on any Allowances Received
Any Employee Shares Scheme?
Centrelink payments or pensions?
New start / Youth Allowance Statements
Bank Interest Income Details
Dividend Statements
Income from a Partnership or trust?
Managed Funds Annual Statements
Any Capital gains event from the sale of property or shares?
If YES have you attached as much information that you can about the dates and prices on the acquisition and sale.
Rental Property Annual Summaries
Any Foreign income?
Other Income from operating any Business
Contract notes for buy/sell transactions
Tax statements from stockbrokers
Income stream statements
Statement for income received from life insurance payments
Car Expenses (Home to work is NOT deductible – Unless working from home)– Please mention No of KMs travelled
Car Expense – Log book and expense receipts for vehicle used for work purposes.
Laundry Dry cleaning
Protective clothing (PPE)
Compulsory work uniform
Non-compulsory work uniform
Occupation specific clothing
Education related Expenses
Financial Institutions Duty (FID)
Union fees
Award overtime meal allowance expenses
Seminars Books and journals
Home office running expenses
Home office occupancy expenses
Home Telephone
Computer expenses including depreciation
Tools and equipment
Other depreciation
Mobile Phone – during the working hours
Internet Access – during the working hours
Printing Postage and Stationery
Donations to Charities
Tax agent / Accountant fees
Details of Income Protection, Sickness or Accident Insurance
Note this is not a complete list and just a guide only. It should not be relied upon only and you should always seek the advice of your Tax Agent.