Uber BAS/GST return - Checklist

Uber Checklist (GST and Tax)

Name, ABN, Date of Birth, Address, Email and Mobile (Must Provide)
Copy of Driv Lic (Must Provide)

Monthly Uber statements from Uber dashboard – Tax summary (Must Provide)

Logon to – https://partners.uber.com

Tax Summary (menu item on top right) – Download monthly statements

Monthly/QuaterlyStatements from Any Other Ride Share. (Lyft, Ola, Didi & Other)

Car Purchase document (Optional – if any)

Copy of last year tax return (Optional – if any)


Email: Capitaltaxreturn@gmail.com

Description Total (Incl GST) $
Business % use only
GST Amount
(if Different than 10%)
Uber Income (as per Uber Monthly statement) Quarterly Please email monthly/Quarterly Statement
Other Ride Share Income (Lyft, Ola, Didi & Other) Please email monthly/Quarterly Statement
Any Other Income Please email monthly/Quarterly Statement
Vehicle Inspection for SCV $
Fee for T-Extension Application $
Fee for Omnibus Licence $
Fee for Vehicle Variation to Charter Vehicle $
Police Check $
Medical Expense $
Bookkeeping Costs $
Bank Fees $
Cleaning Costs – for specific passenger incidents $
Cleaning Costs – Normal $
Mobile Phone and Internet $
Parking and Tolls $
Rider Amenities – water, mints etc $
Safety Equipment – hi-visibility clothing, sunglasses $
Spotify Subscription Fees $
Stationery $
Fuel (as per logbook) $
Insurance (as per logbook) $
Registration (as per logbook) $
Interest on your car loan (if applicable) (as per logbook) $
Car Lease payments (if not owned) (as per logbook) $
Novated Car Lease Payment (After Tax Portion)
Servicing, repairs, tyres and maintenance (as per logbook) $
Any Other Expense 1 $
Any Other Expense 2) $


Note this is not a complete list and just a guide only. It should not be relied upon only and you should always seek the advice of your Tax Agent.